Domestic Violence

No One Should Suffer Domestic Abuse. We Can Help.

It is an unfortunate situation when a domestic dispute occurs. Denise M. Gold Attorney at Law has experience in assisting people with the court system during a 50B or 50C case.

50B Restraining Orders

A 50B protective order is intended to curtail harassing, threatening, stalking or other interfering behaviors. This order is intended for someone who is or was married to the accused, has a child or grandchild in common with the accused, is living with or dating the accused.

50C Restraining Orders

A 50C order is a civil no-contact order. It provides protection from sexual harassment or stalking in a situation where the parties do not have an intimate or familial relationship.

Help For Those Experiencing Abuse

If you or someone you care for needs protection from domestic abuse, work with a skilled lawyer. The tough but compassionate firm of Denise M. Gold Attorney at Law can guide you through this difficult time. Schedule a consultation where you can talk with an attorney about your situation. Call our office in Winston-Salem at 336-652-5877, or get your consultation by contacting us online.