Equitable Distribution

Do You Need Help Dividing Assets And Property?

Dividing property and debts is one of the important steps in the divorce process. The settlement you receive will lay the financial groundwork for your life for many years to come. At the firm of Denise M. Gold Attorney at Law, we work hard to help our clients achieve a fair property settlement that protects their rights and assets. We will seek to achieve a property settlement that places you in the strongest financial position possible.


Get Help Dividing Property In A Divorce

Reaching a property distribution arrangement can seem overwhelming, but you do not need to go through the process alone. Denise M. Gold Attorney at Law can assist you. You can talk with attorney Denise M. Gold and schedule a consultation by contacting the firm in Winston-Salem. To get your consultation and begin dividing your property, call 336-652-5877 or schedule online.